Nominee Services

Nominee Shareholder Services

Nominee Services

This is about another person putting in front of you and hiding your own involvement. You can either use our trustee services in conjunction with company incorporation or acquire one of our shelf companies. We are flexible in this regard, and your needs will guide us.

To clear up a misconception from the beginning. According to the ideas of the company law, foreigners can basically have all functions on the board of directors of a company! So for this reason, there is actually no need to have a German in the company. However, banks have a problem with this if no German or European is involved. But if there is actually this need, then we are available.

Various reasons speak for having a trustee in the company. Typical reasons are:

  • commercial reasons,
  • insolvency,
  • family,
  • competition, be it even for themselves as a "cheap brand" versus the "premium brand",
  • banishment of business,
  • residence law reasons, for example, foreign students are not allowed to pursue self-employment,
    or else
  • for completely different reasons.

Here we help with a German seasoned lawyer who makes himself available to your company. We offer the following constellations:

  1. shareholders
  2. managing director of your company
  3. proxy director

You can also mix these constellations according to your personal needs. We will be happy to advise you on which mix best suits your project. This applies regardless of whether you purchase a shelf company from us or establish a company via

Eventual garnishments from your past can thus not reach into the assets of your new company. After all, the new company has no debts and is not exposed to the enforcement access of your creditors...

The Trustee Shareholder

We will provide you with a trustee-partner with a proper credit rating, who will appear as a partner (owner) of your company for you in the commercial register. By taking over the shares of the company, you become the trustor. A trust agreement is concluded for your protection. In this way, you have 100% control over your company without your valuable name being made public. The trustee can employ you as managing director or authorized signatory at your request. We will have the contract prepared for you, ready to sign according to your wishes and ideas.

Trustee Managing Director

A managing director in trust with appropriate creditworthiness, whom we will provide, will be entered in the commercial register in your place as managing director and will represent your company externally. You can also be appointed as an authorized representative of your company. In this case, the managing director you trust will issue you with a power of attorney stating that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company as the managing director's agent.

Proxy Director

We will provide you with an authorized signatory with the appropriate credit rating and legal training. This proxy is practically treated as an employee on call. He gets an email account from your company as well as a VoIP phone and only switches on when you need a person who speaks English and German. This approach allows you to conduct business with your foreign partners while the authorized signatory contacts the German partners or authorities. This assignment combines the advantages of having your own company with a German account while not living in Germany.