Nominee UG Readymade

You want to have a small to medium business and need a suitable company in Germany

  • without appearing/registering yourself?
  • ASAP?
  • don't have time to wait endless months until your company is fully established?
  • have no nerve for the registration with various authorities?
  • again wait endlessly for the local tax office to issue a tax number?
  • with a bank account suitable also for non-Europeans not living in Germany?
  • provided with a nominee shareholder!

Reasons for a Nominee Solution

Examples of the need for a nominee company could be one or more of the following:

  • commercial reasons,
  • insolvency,
  • family reasons,
  • competition protection (e.g., low-cost brand should not be "officially" related to the premium brand),
  • commercial prohibition,
  • residence law reasons (ban on self-employment),
  • banking reasons,
  • for entirely different reasons.


We have the solution! Buy a virgin nominee UG readymade from our stock !


Well, this is nothing special, but it is actually so. We have established a UG, with € 1 share capital, registered it with all authorities and obtained a domestic tax number. This company comes with a bank account. For compliance reasons, the bank expects a European in the officially registered management – regardless of the nationality of the other members of the board.

Takeover Services

How does the purchase process work? The process is simple, the bureaucracy is not.

Beam will provide a new shareholder instead of you while you close a nominee contract with Beam. Then we will follow your instructions on changing everything (business line, etc.), and registering the company where needed. You will have to determine who will the director of your company.

Our services for you in taking over our shelf company in chronological order are:

    1. draft the purchase agreement,
    2. providing the nominee contract,
    3. providing the nominee shareholder,
    4. determining the new director,
    5. determining the new name of your company,
    6. determining the new purpose of your company,
    7. providing additional takeover services as ordered
    8. visiting the notary to have the changes registered,
    9. identification at the bank where you can take over the bank account,

After signing the contract with the notary the company is practically yours. You can then start doing business with your new company. Okay, cautious people might be worried. We will give you tips on how to start your business and still stay safe.

That's it! A piece of cake!!


After we receive your payment and completed questionnaire, we will provide you with your designs within two business days.

      • one more week to arrange the nominee agreement,
      • one week to arrange a notary appointment,
      • two weeks and the changes are registered in the commercial register,
      • one month until the tax office has registered the new incorporation,
        N.B. The tax number remains valid during this period! In other words, you can work with this number!!
      • two weeks until the VAT ID is issued.

After the notary appointment, you can already put your company into operation. Okay, cautious people might be worried. We give you tips on how to start your business and still stay safe.

How to buy?

How can you buy one or more of our shelf companies? Download our promotional flier.

Open the flyer and fill out the forms on the last pages, send it back to us and we will take care of the rest.