Virtual Office

Your Post is not Arriving 😕

We are sad to learn that you are not receiving the post you are expecting. We are providing all our services. We have

  • a physical mailbox open for your mail,
  • a clear sign pointing to this mailbox,
  • a good relationship with our postman.

At least once a day, we check the mailbox. We regret not being able to do more in this regard. We are performing as assigned and wanting to perform. Please connect with the postal service provider. There are two service providers:

By clicking the linked name, you will be forwarded to their complaint page. Yes, do go ahead and share your complaint with them! This is your right as customer.

If the direct contact does not help, then complain to the supervising authority: Bundesnetzagentur.

Thank you for your understanding! Rest assured, we personally sometimes have the problem as well.

Translation on the fly for your virtual office

Translation and summary of your incoming mail

In case you need help with understanding the content of your incoming mail, we have an easy solution for you. We offer Translation of the Fly. The translation will be a summary of the relevant / important contents in plain English. This way you can obtain an orientation of what is wanted and what actions are needed. This summary will include how urgent the matter is – if at all. This service will take place while scanning the post item to be forwarded by eMail. We offer this service with monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment plans.

Office Services - Virtual Assistance

As a digital nomad, one-(wo)man-show, small company or start-up, it is important to keep the additional costs low and to use resources in a targeted manner. Nevertheless, occasionally many need support for time-consuming tasks or on special occasions. Beam also offers a solution for foreigners who need language support for their everyday business in Germany. Use our secretarial services and benefit from low prices and transparent billing. We cooperate with professional and reliable partners to offer you the best possible support. You may be interested in the following services:

  1. Correspondence with authorities, customers, business partners in German and English,
  2. Telephone calls with authorities, customers, business partners in German and English,
  3. Arrange / coordinate appointments (no cold calls!),
  4. Event, travel planning, booking,
  5. Various secretarial services e.g.:
    • maintaining lists,
    • sending birthday and Christmas cards,
    • or gifts to customers,
    • ordering material,
    • “silent” participation in (telephone) meetings to document minutes and action items,
    • guest reception (e.g. airport),
    • event planning for guests,
  6. Text creation (original content and proofreading for marketing or information material for projects,
  7. t.b.a.

Every company and every self-employed person is unique and needs tailor-made solutions. Talk to us if you need other services than listed. We are flexible and will find a matching solution for you. We’re your VA – virtual assistance.


Our hourly rate in general is 40 € ex VAT / hour; settlement per 0.25 hr; minimum fee 10 €

Translations: German ⇔ (US) English: 0.15 - 0.20 € ex VAT per word
text formatting not included, surcharge per hour

Pick up Snail Mail via your Company's Vrtual Office in Berlin

You can conveniently and easily collect your mail from us. To do so, please make an appointment with us.

Price Lists for Beam's Virtual Office Services

Interested in serving our customer's best, we recently went "digital". In your account have an overview of all the mail received, i.e. history and present. Sorry, we don't foresee the future yet, but we are working hard on that. We listed below the costs for our services.

Basic Service

annual payment


 monthly payment

Beam Address

1.668.00 €

427.00 €

149.00 €

Manned Mailbox

948.00 €

247.00 €

89.00 €


Extra Service

 annual payment

 quarterly payment

 monatly payment

Translation on the Fly

960.00 €

245.00 €

88.00 €



Included Features


Included incoming items

3 pieces


Free storage period (letters)

20 days


Free Storage Period (parcels)

10 days


Pages included in content scan

4 pieces


 Additional Activities
(exceeding included amount)

End price

Additional incoming items



Direct forwarding
(charge per incident)



Direct forwarding
(charge based on postal charge)



Collect forwarding
(charge per incident)



Collect forwarding
(charge based on postal charge)



Storing items over the free period



Storing items over the free period



Customs declaration outgoing
(value >1000 EUR)



Customs declaration outgoing
(value <1000 EUR)



Customs handling import


percent on
occurring cost


Here, we share with you our worldwide locations where you can have a virtual office at the snap of your fingers.