Choose the Right Form for your Business 

Below you will find the possible legal forms with a bullet list of requirements / details to consider when you choose the form of your company.

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  • minimum one founder = shareholder (Gesellschafter)
  • Liability restricted to company funds – after entry into Commercial Registry
  • Mandatory minimum contribution 25 k€
  • Activity performed by managing directors
  • Distribution of profit by ratio of shares held

This is right form for big businesses or for start-ups with investors!

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UG (haftungsbeschränkt) / Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)

  • Introduced 2008
  • a.k.a. mini-GmbH or 1 € GmbH
  • at least one founder (Gesellschafter)
  • Simplified founding via uniform articles for up to three shareholders and one managing director
  • If not simplified founding then with individual articles of association
  • Liability: limited company’s assets – after entry into Commercial Registry
  • Mandatory minimum capital: € 1
  • Activity performed by managing director
  • Distribution in relation to shares of the company held
  • Statutory requirement to put 25% of distributable amount of balance sheet profit into reserve funds of balance sheet to increase company capital; after reaching € 25k optional to change to GmbH

This is the right for small businesses or start-ups still looking for their investor.

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