Virgin Instant UGs

You want to start a business and need a small-scale company

  • on the spot?
  • do not have the time to wait around eight weeks until your company is fully founded, registered at various authorities and to wait another infinity until the tax office grants a VAT-ID?
  • do not have the time to come to Germany to open a new business?

We have the solution! Buy a Virgin Instant UG !

Our companies off-the-shelf are “untouched” – virgin! When buying, we will guarantee that the shell has not been engaged in serious / real business life with a contractual pentalty of € 1500 – inside the notarial contract.

  • drafting the sales contract,
  • in front of the notary whom (we will organize):
    • sign the purchase contract for the shares,
    • organize somebody to represent you at the notary, if you do not wish or cannot come,
    • “managing director’s affirmation (of not being sentenced for a commercial crime)".
    • liaison with up two banks,

That’s it! A piece of cake!!

As opposed to some of our competitors we do not purchase companies from the market and offer them again to clients as “no history” off-the-shelf companies. Our companies have been set up and maintained by ourselves. We guarantee that they have no operational history. They have been incorporated and registered in accordance with all applicable laws, including any legal, accounting, or tax requirements.

Why do our companies not have a bank account? Simple. Banks want and have to know who their client is – for reasons of money laundering. But a company off the shelf is actually no customer for the bank. Our approach guarantees that a bank will accept you and your business. Whether or not you come to Berlin, we will organize a bank account for you. When purchasing, we connect parallel to the sale, with our bank contacts that they are willing to take you.

How does this work? The process is simple, the red tape is not. First, you buy the shares, as new shareholders you will come up with a board resolution to change everything (director, line of business, registered address, etc.). Since we do not just sell but take care of all the red tape, we will inquire all information from you and take care of all the rest. We organize all of the formalities.

That's it! A piece of cake!!


Our services in chronological order are:

  • drafting the sales contract,
  • determining you as new director,
  • determining the new line of business,
  • determining the new address, N.B. we provide virtual offices),
  • in front of the notary:
    • sign the purchase contract for the shares,
    • new board resolves that the UG be a GmbH,
    • “managing director’s affirmation (of not being sentenced for a commercial crime),
  • liaison with up to two banks to open a bank account for your UG
  • After you have funded the company, we will inform the notary.

The company is practically yours after having signed the contract with the notary and legally after it has been registered in the Commercial Registry. You can then initiate your business.

That's it! A piece of cake!!

Please contact us if you want to have your virgin UG tomorrow: click here. Open the flyer and fill out the forms on the last pages, return it to us and we will take it from there.