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Bank account for foreign entrepreneurs

Companies for Non-Europeans living Abroad

Many foreign investors and businesses love to have business in Germany. While the German economy and incorporation authorities welcome them, banks do not. I trust you are not Alibaba or TATA, am I correct? They, of course, will quickly get an account. Anti-money laundering and bank regulations and compliance make German banks so anxious to give accounts to foreigners not living in Germany.  So much that they prefer to lose this business! It will be virtually impossible. No bank will tell you that so clearly.

Beam has the solution!

Take out a readymade company from Beam which comes with a bank account. Admitted, a foreigner not living in Germany, will be taking over so the problem with the bank still exists. The real solution is to keep Beam's director as your company's proxy director. This way you have a German inside the management. This makes the bank happy, and you can keep the account. There might still be a very final catch.

The very final catch might be that the bank might not give you online access. The account remains. This is also what your proxy is supposed to do as the boss normally doesn't manage the payments. Okay, you also want to double-check? No problem. You will receive the automatic emails from the account on any incoming or outgoing transactions. Besides that, you will get the monthly bank statement. So, no real issue here.

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This proxy director is only "on call". I do not expect to serve but would not mind.