Virgin Instant UGs

You want to start a business and need a small-scale, readymade company and

  • that on the spot - because you do not have the time to wait around too many weeks until your company is fully founded,
  • not wait for another infinity until the tax office grants the tax number,
  • not wait for even more for the federal tax office to grant a VAT-ID
  • do not want to hassle with a bank that demands your physical presence even though all other authorities do not?



We have the solution! Buy a Virgin Instant UG !



Our companies off-the-shelf are “untouched” – virgin! When buying, we will guarantee that the shell has not been engaged in serious/real business life with a contractual penalty of € 1500. As opposed to some of our competitors, we do not purchase companies from the market and offer them again to clients as “no history” companies. Our companies have been set up and maintained by ourselves. We can therefore reliably guarantee that they have no operational history. They have been incorporated and registered in accordance with all applicable laws, including any legal, accounting, or tax requirements.

Our services for your successful takeover of our readymade company will be:

  • drafting the sales contract,
  • determining you the new shareholder(s) or a nominee shareholder
  • determining you the new director(s) or a nominee director, if not a proxy director,
  • determining any nominee services,
  • determining the new line of business,
  • determining the new address, (N.B. we also provide virtual offices),
  • determining additional Services when Selling – as far as wished and ordered.

How does the Takeover work?

How does this work? The process is simple, the red tape is not. First, you buy the share, add yourself as a new shareholder, you will come up with a board resolution to change everything (director, line of business, registered address, etc.). Since we do not just sell but take care of all the red tape, we will inquire about all information from you and take care of all the rest. We organize all of the formalities. Please download our promotional flier with the questionnaire at the end, fill it out, sign it, pay, and return it to us.

Time Scale:

Upon receipt of payment and the completed questionnaire in the back of our promotional flier, we will provide you with your drafts within two working days. Otherwise:

  • one week to arrange a notarial appointment, where we sign it,
  • the notary then issues a deed for you to sign that you approve our representing you during the appointment at the notary,
  • you visit a local notary or German consul to have your signature witnessed for approval,
  • two weeks and the changes will be entered in the commercial registry,
  • one month until the tax office has registered the new setup,
    N.B. The tax number remains valid in this period and can be used for domestic and non-European invoicing!
  • two weeks until the VAT-ID has been issued.
    Based on the company's virginity, a VAT-ID for intracommunity business cannot yet exist. It is dependent on a VAT signal.

Inside one month, the company is practically yours after having signed the contract with the notary and legally after it has been registered in the commercial registry. You can already initiate your business after the appointment with the notary. Okay, careful persons might have worries. Respected, we will provide you with hints to initiate your business and yet remain safe.

Taking over the Shelf Company's Bank Account

Our business-friendly bank with open-minded bankers. Banking law requires that they only accept Europeans or foreigners with an electronic residence permit (= card) as customers. They will make an exception to this when the company also has Germans or Europeans on board. We also provide nominee services for this need.

How to Purchase?

How to take over one or more of our shelf companies? Please contact us if you want to have your virgin UG tomorrow: click here to obtain your order form. Open the flyer and fill out the forms on the last pages, return it to us and we will take it from there.