Postal Services

Postal services is the core task of our virtual offices. Everybody loves to see the postman but everybody hates unsolicited advertisement. We at Beam understand this very well. In order to keep you safe from bogus mail and your attention really where it is supposed to be, let us take care of your incoming snail mail. What we do is scan your post  and forward it in PDF format to via eMail within one German working day. You then take care of the rest. N.B. This service is not applicable for bound documents (e.g. fine print from providers) or brochures (news from Chamber of Commerce).

If you need bound correspondence this will not be a conceptual problem. For a surcharge of € 5 per page, we will scan the original document and forward it to you as a PDF. Alas, you have received the PDF but now notice that you need the original. We will forward the original post per (un)registered mail / courier for € 15 for handling plus postage.

When we think of "safe", please consider two things. Sometimes post can be dangerous. Yes, like a trap that can cost a lot of money. When you start a business in Germany, your corporation will be entered into the commercial registry – visible for the public. Many companies send out advertisement to newly founded corporations. Bogus companies send offers camouflaged as invoices. These invoices appear to be similar to original mail from the commercial registry.

We take care of you! You will not receive any bogus invoices from alleged authorities. We guarantee this.