Translation Services

Our manned mailbox with the plus option makes our staff become active on your behalf. You are new in Germany or living abroad and your German is a work progress. We understand and respect it. This service will prevent you from reading hieroglyphs but provide content translation or a summary in plain English. (Other languages are in preparation).

Translation on the Fly

Our translation on the fly will be a concise summary of the relevant / important contents in plain English. You will understand what that correspondence wants to communicate to you. This summary will include how urgent the matter is – if at all. This service will take place while scanning the post to be forwarded to you by eMail, and will be short and to the point.

This service provides that we browse through your received mail and give you a nutshell of the contents. If the correspondence shows to be something you really / urgently have to take care of, we will add a line in the eMail to alert you.

If you wish a full translation that will not be a problem but this cannot be done on the fly!

Full Translation

You want to understand it all and not just have a summary in a nutshell? We respect your wish to have a full understanding. Our translations will provide you with that understanding but are not available on the fly. For the interim, i.e. until we have finished the full translation, please order a summarizing translation. The full translation service will cost you approx. € 0.20 per word. A price range is set to meet different complexities of the original text and your special wishes. We will provide you with a free offer whenever you request this service.