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Your virtual office in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg - The Gateway To The World

Hamburg is currently Germany’s second largest city with the country's biggest port. Hamburg has received the nickname "German Venice" for a good reason. With over 2,500 bridges (which is more than Venice, London and Amsterdam together) you are always near water. This city is a popular tourist destination and the city also prides itself on another nickname: ‘The gateway to the World’. Historically Hamburg has been a vital trading port with its origins reaching back to the Roman Empire. While the port remains an important part of the economy, Hamburg is also home to a large media industry, heavy industry and of course it's financial industry. The world's second oldest bank has it's origins in Hamburg. Due to Hamburg's long-established trade it enjoys an enviable reputation of trustworthiness, know-how and success. Take advantage of this reputation, and grow your company while instilling trust and confidence in your customers.
The yearly costs for a virtual office in Hamburg start at 1.600 €.



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