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Starting to make business in Germany and that ASAP is your wish and our commitment!


Since 20+ years, we have been providing readymade companies to expedite our customers’ startups, now Beam my Presence to Germany is proud to announce that we have the first online shop where you order your readymade company 24/7 – to do it yourself. We cater to the foreign impatient investor wanting to quickly and effectively enter the German market with his business. Domestic start-ups are just as welcome! We will support you with turnkey services. Beam my Presence to Germany provides you with readymade companies for a head start in making business here. You can either buy a completed virgin UG or virgin GmbH right off the shelf -- with or without live support.

Well, most non-Europeans will experience difficulties when opening or having a company in Germany. This is a fact though not because it’s illegal. Banks have such high demand on compliance and anti-money-laundering requirements. We have the soluton for this! Buy a readymade with a German proxy director. Our approach almost guarantees that any non-European can have a company with a "DE IBAN"!

We take care of everything and get your business rolling!

In addition to these services, we provide virtual offices at any business hotspot in Germany for your new company. Without needing a physical presence neither for the takeover nor for daily business, our approach already spares you lots of logistic and personnel worries and concerns. Personnel issues…

Beam's Readymade Companies:



Urging businesspersons can quickly incorporate to start their business in Germany



Investors in a hurry can take over an existing incorporation and get their German subsidiary started


Beam's Virtual Office Services:



Get your business address
in German hot spot locations



Choose to scan the envelopes
or also the contents of your postal mail. Access them online.



Receive letters and parcels at
our locations. All mail can be forwarded to any place in the world.