About Beam

Remember Captain James T. Kirk crying: "Beam me up, Scotty!" This is how we decided to nickname our company "Beam". Our overall goal is to serve the impatient foreign investor to get settled in Germany and that at the snap of his fingers.

We started as "Beam my Presence to Berlin" and were focusing exclusively on serving the international business community in Berlin. We have noticed that many foreigners are in the tough position that they have business in Berlin but do not or cannot live here. The company needs an address and postal services as well as other services. These were our original and first services.

Starting summer 2013, we expanded our scope of services to provide foreigners with ready-made German companies complete with registration and tax ID. We developed this approach with our associate, foreigners lawyer Alexander Baron von Engelhardt, because so many interesting investors were frustrated with the red tape in Germany. German authorities need an "endlessly" long time to enter the company in the Commercial Registry, issue a tax ID, VAT-ID. Three months or more are common. In daily business life, this can ruin a good chance!

If you buy one of our virgin ready-made companies, you can start your business within 24 hrs after signing the deed in front of the notary. With our notary we also developed a process that the impatient investor does not have to come to Germany but take over the company from home – sometimes even including opening the bank account.

In February 2016, we decided to change the company's name to "Beam my Presence to Germany" in order to meet the increasing call for our services from all over Germany. We started selling our shelf companies all over the country.

In 2018, we are taking two big steps: We are digitizing our services and expanding our footprint in the Germany. Right now, we are in the beta phase and plan to have all accomplished by end of this year. We will expand our presence to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Digitizing our services means that we do not plan to cram your inbox with many MB but only a few KB. Just enough to inform you that you can download the received snail mail for your company. This approach prevents you from losing an important message because you accidentally deleted it. Soon we also plan to offer our services via an app.

Stay tuned for more! We are very busy to serve you.