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How to prove your residential address in Germany

Proving your Residential Address

Anti money laundering law and other laws require that your residential be proven. We need something "official" and not a copy of a rental contract with a private landlord. There are many ways to show this and it is not really that complicated. "Official" relates to something issued from a public authority or someone with comparable esteem. We will develop what constitutes this official proof.

Foreigners living in Germany, best with

      1. electronic residence title (the light blue card for residence permit, reading: "Aufenthaltstitel"
        or "Aufenthaltskarte"
      2. registration slip for your address (Meldebescheinigung).

Foreigners not living in Germany:

      • a copy of your driver's license (front and back page),
      • residence permit when you are a foreigner in the country where you live, in the assumption that it shows your residential address(!)
      • bank statement,
      • tax return,
      • utility bill,
      • phone bill,

Documents in Foreign Languages:

Persons living in one country but destinating from another country often have a mixture of languages and alphabets. German is the official language of the German authorities, i.e. also notaries. Your ID and/or proof of residence in English or any other language or similar to German will be fine. If the official document is bilingual (English and “whatever”), that will also be fine. When your document does not show Latin letters, then please organize a certified translation..

You have multiple ways to demonstrate your residential address?

Cool! Just supply with all that you want / can. This is nothing that needs to be discussed. And we are not interested in discussing this topic either!