Inform the trade office of your new company

Registering your Readymade with Trade Office in Germany

All companies must register the company with this office. We are only talking of a registration – no more no less. However, some lines of business, however, require a permission. This has to happen parallel to the pure registration as described here.

The authorities want this registration typically for statistical reasons. Failing to register is a misdemeanor and can be fined with up to 50 k€. We prevent this and will take care of your business by

  • filling out the registration form for you,
  • paying their fees,
  • answering any and all of the trade office's follow-up questions,
  • forwarding the official registration slip to you for your records.

Our service will be provided in written proceedings. It will take a few weeks time until you receive the slip. This registration is not urgent. A lack of registration does not hinder you from running your business – while it is being processed.