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Additional Services when Purchasing your Shelf Company

Here we want to introduce you to various additional services to facilitate your shell company. You may think that this is unnecessary because you are buying a ready-made shell company. Yes and no, the company is ready to use right after the notary appointment. This is covered by the basic fee. However, all authorities always want to know who is acting within the company. This means that the new shareholders and legal representatives must always be registered. We will be happy to help you with these formalities and provide you with advice.

Here, we share with you our worldwide locations where you can have a virtual office at the snap of your fingers.



Articles in this category will answer so many "simple" or "quick" questions when it is typically not worth hiring a professional. A typical situation is that you hear or read something that does not make sense. You want to have a very general idea if your intended approach will be feasible or not. You have one of those "quick questions" and do not want to pay anything for it. Now you ha,ve reached the right place! Please respect that I do not answer quick questions for free – neither per eMail nor on the phone. The provided topics are all around business, corporate taxes and business immigration.

Now you have read the FAQ and still have question marks in your mind, then it is time to call our associated lawyer's Service Number. Calling service number will cost you only € 2 /m – cellphones might differ. Click the words "service number" for more details to this service number.

Nominee Services

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