• Background Information for the Purchase

    Background Information for the Purchase

    Here I would like to give you some background information and hints on the purchase of a shelf company.

    For example, what counts as proof of address, or when and how do I have to have my signature notarized? You can also find a lot of information in our FAQs.

    However, if you have any questions that are not listed or relate to your individual situation, you can also make an appointment for live support with us.

  • Included Services during Purchase

    Included services in the acquisition of a shelf company


    As a service-oriented company, we are interested in supporting you during the process. For this reason, we do not merely serve you the company to be acquired, but proactively help you with the acquisition process of the company. This way you can start with your new company without any worries.

    We offer you the ready-made company with a basic catalog of support.

    When you buy from us, the following services are included in the price:

    • Draft of the contract of sale,
    • Before the notary (which we organize):
      • Signing of the contract of sale of the shares,
      • Provision of a person to represent you at the notary appointment, should you be unable or unwilling to appear in person,
      • Director's affirmation (that you have not been convicted for any economic crime) also known as registration in the Commercial Register.
      • Application for registration of changes in the Commercial Register,
    • Performance of all additional services as ordered.