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All businesses need an address – of course. Beam is here to help you save costs and yet have an address in major German hotspots. We provide postal forwarding services as a virtual office.

Who needs a virtual office?
  • Companies:
    where the management is living outside of Germany or does not want or need a physical address.
  • Frelancers:
    living in Germany, who want to hide their residential address from the public.
  • Digital nomads:
    Those, who are constantly somewhere else but not where their snail mail is.
  • Branches of foreign companies:
    This approach provides the cheapest possibility to test the German market before incorporating!

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We provide Virtual Offices in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich.

Supplementary Services

Translation on the fly for your virtual office?

You will need this running support for your virtual office if you have no one in your company who speaks German. This service will give you an orientation of the contents of the received mail.

Full service description here!

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All virtual offices with or without "translations on the fly" are exclusively available per annum. The notice period is 4 months before the calendar year. It is however negotiable to pay either in annual or semi-annual or quarterly installments.

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