Buy Virgin Instant GmbHs in Germany: 10623 Berlin, 28209 Bremen, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, 22085 Hamburg, 80801 Munich, 50823 Cologne. We also serve in the areas of Dortmund and Stuttgart

Virgin Instant GmbHs

Do you want to start a mid-sized or large business and need a matching company in Germany and

  • that immediately?
  • have no time to wait endless months until your company is fully founded?
  • lack the time for registration at various authorities?
  • wait for another infinity until the local tax office grants a tax number?
  • wait again for the federal tax office to grant a VAT-ID?
  • do not want to hassle with a bank that demands your physical presence though all other authorities do not?



We have the solution! Buy a Virgin Instant GmbH !



Well, this is nothing special but it actually is. We founded a UG, a GmbH to be, with € 1 statutory capital, registered it at all authorities, and obtained a domestic tax number. Hence, nobody can claim to have made business with your GmbH prior to purchasing your company!

Upon purchase, your shell company will simultaneously be transformed into your fully-fledged GmbH when funded with a further 12,499 k€ and the sale of the existing share.

Takeover Services

How does the purchase work? The process is simple, the red tape is not. First, you buy the shares, and as new shareholders, you will come up with a board resolution to change everything (director, line of business, etc.). Since we do not just sell but take care of all the red tape, we will inquire about all information from you and take care of all the rest. We organize all of the formalities.

Our services for you take over our shelf company in chronological order will be:

  • drafting the sales contract,
  • determining you the new shareholder(s),
  • determining you the new director(s),
  • determining any need for a proxy director,
  • determining your line of business,
  • determining the new address, (N.B. we provide virtual offices),
  • providing you with after-sales services – in as far as wished and ordered.
  • visiting the notary to sign the contract; if you do not come to the notary, we will represent you and you will subsequently approve the representation via a notary,
  • After you have funded the company, we will inform the notary.
  • The notary will then submit the registration.
  • The commercial registry will enter your GmbH.

The company is practically yours after having signed the contract with the notary and legally after it has been registered in the Commercial Registry. You can then initiate your business with your new company. Okay, careful people might be anxious. We will provide you with hints on how to start your business immediately and stay safe.

That's it! A piece of cake!!

Time Scale:

Upon receipt of payment and the completed questionnaire, we will provide you with your drafts within two working days.

  • one week to arrange a notarial appointment,
  • two weeks after submission, the changes will be entered in the commercial registry,
  • one month until the tax office has registered the new setup,
    N.B. The tax number remains valid in this period!
  • next day after being informed of the registration, we will let you take over the bank account,
  • two weeks until the VAT-ID has been issued.
    Based on the company's virginity, a VAT-ID for intracommunity business cannot yet exist. It is dependent on a VAT signal.

The company is practically yours after having signed the contract with the notary and legally after it has been registered in the commercial registry. You can already initiate your business after the appointment with the notary. Okay, careful people might have worries. Respected, we will provide you with hints to initiate your business and yet remain safe.


The fees to take over a readymade UG will only cost you € 4444 ex VAT plus fees for supplementary services. How to order it? Just click the button below and be led to the purchase form.

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