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Virgin Instant Companies, Shelf companies in Germany: 10623 Berlin, 28209 Bremen, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, 22085 Hamburg, 80801 Munich, 50823 Cologne. We also serve in the areas of Dortmund and Stuttgart

Virgin Instant Companies

Do you want to start a business and need a small-scale company

  • on the spot?
  • do not have the time to wait around eight weeks until your company is fully founded?
  • do not know registered at various authorities?
  • and to wait for another infinity until the tax office grants a VAT ID?
  • do not want to hassle with a bank that demands your physical presence though all other authorities do not?
  • do not have the time to come to Germany to open a new business?

We have the solution! Buy a Virgin Instant Company !

Our companies off-the-shelf are “untouched” – virgin! When buying, we will guarantee that the shell has not been engaged in serious/real business life with a contractual penalty amounting to the sales price. We go even one step further and subject ourselves to the immediate execution of the contractual penalty.

How does this work? The process is simple, the red tape is not. First, you buy the shares and the services of registering the entity at the most important authorities from us. Then, we will organize all of the formalities. The formalities depend on the company form you wish to have:

Our companies have been set up and maintained by ourselves. We guarantee that they have no operational history. They have been incorporated and registered in accordance with all applicable laws, including any legal, accounting, or tax requirements:

  • All companies have been registered with the tax office and have a tax number.
    This number is good to invoice inside Germany and in non-European countries.
  • All companies are registered with the Commercial Registry.
  • All companies come with a bank account into which that statutory company has been paid.

Isn't it better to start a company from scratch? Yes and no. It depends on your priorities! If you are in hurry, then purchase a readymade. The new owners are registered around two weeks after visiting the notary. We discuss this in more detail here.