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Permission for your Readymade's Businesses in Germany: 10623 Berlin, 28209 Bremen, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, 22085 Hamburg, 80801 Munich, 50823 Cologne. We also serve in the areas of Dortmund and Stuttgart

Businesses Subject to Permission

When you purchase one of our readymades, certain lines of business require permission and some only a registration. However, it can also happen that you do not need a permission to pursue your business, but you have to register it a certain authority. Sound confusing, let's unravel the mystery of starting a business.

What are the general rules? The general rule is that you are free to run any business you wish; i.e. without permission. All corporations must register their business at the trade office (Gewerbeamt). Applying for a permission requires that you have previously registered your business at the trade office in their municipality. The list below will show common examples where a license is necessary – next to registration at the trade office.

    • Accounting Firms
    • Alternative Practioners
    • Arms, Weapons

All these mentioned lines of business require a license:

    • Production and Trade
    • Running Shooting Ranges
    • Production and Trade of Military Weapons
  • Auctions
  • Aviation
  • Banks
  • Bars, Pubs when serving alcoholic beverages
  • Broker for Real Estate and Capital Investment Products
  • Casinos
  • Collection Agencies
  • Commodity Futures
  • Crafts
  • Disposal Sites
  • Distance or Remote Education
  • Driving School
  • Emigration Consultation
  • Employee Leasing
  • Explosives: Handling, Vending, and Transportation
  • Exposition / Ostentation of Persons
  • Facility with Harmful Effects to the Environment for opening and running
  • Ferry Operation
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling Halls, Penny / Amusement Arcades
  • Gaming Devices and Games with the Possibility to Win
  • Gas / Petrol Stations
  • Genetic Engineering Facitlities
  • Hospitals, Private General and Maternity
  • Insurance Brokering
  • Insurance Companiesa
    an insurance company is not permissible in the form of a GmbH
  • Investment Companies
  • Legal Consultation; Conducting Legal Business of Third Parties
  • Loan Brokering
  • Lodging Establishments
  • Lotteries
  • Mining, Detecting Natural Resources
  • Nuclear Plants, Storage of Nuclear Fuel
  • Old People's Home
  • Participation in Companies
  • Passenger Transportation (Taxis, Busses, e.g.)
  • Pawn Shops
  • Piercing Studio
  • Postal Services (letter forwarding)
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Poisons, Trading with Poison
  • Rail Companies (Infrastructure / Operation)
  • Real Estate Development
  • Recruitment / Employee Assignment
  • Realtors, Real Estate Brokers
  • Road Haulage
  • Security Industry
  • Tax Consulting Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Towing Services (for vehicles not needing repairs)
  • Travel Business
  • Traveling Performers / Carnies / Showmen
  • Vivisections
  • Waste Disposal Plant
  • Waste Transport and Collection

Don't forget, applying for a permission requires that you have previously registered your business at the trade office (Gewerbeamt) in your municipality or applying simultaneously with registering your business. If you apply for a permission first without having registered your business you can be fined. Even if you are in a hurry, register first and then apply for a permission. Of course, best is to do both simultaneously.